ACORN security folding gates and wire mesh partitions - transportation security for rail, air, and sea
Transportation security

Taking a proactive stance against potential national threats starts at the nation's transportation hubs. Security folding gates and wire mesh partitions from ACORN Wire and Iron Works add yet another wall of defense in securing transportation systems such as railway stations, and air and seaports. For extreme security, our security folding gates incorporate ACORN'S proprietary, pick-proof, sledgehammer-tested lock mechanism as well as stronger structural components at the most common point of gate attack. Our wire mesh partitions are available in a variety of wire mesh gauges (from 10-gauge for normal industrial use to 6-gauge for maximum security) to provide superior access control to sensitive areas and equipment.

Use ACORN Security Solutions for:

  • Preventing unwanted access to secure areas
  • Preventing unwanted access to sensitive equipment
  • Limiting access to rail cars, and air and sea vessels
  • Protecting against theft
  • Detaining suspect individuals
  • Holding suspicious substances, materials or packages
  • Securing access to machinery

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