Wire Mesh Partitions and Folding Security Gates
Contractors for Security Folding Gates and Wire Mesh Partitions

ACORN utilizes independent contractors to install security folding gates and/or wire mesh partitions for its many end user customers. No other security folding gates or wire mesh partitions on the market are easier to install than products made by ACORN Wire and Iron Works.

No other security folding gate can compare to ACORN's ease of installation and quality construction. All hardware is durably crafted for installation into drywall, cement or wood structures. Additionally, surface-mounted security folding gates can be retrofitted into existing structures.

For wire mesh partitions, ACORN's ceiling framing consists of a standardized system of specially designed and fabricated crimped beams that can satisfy most span and loading conditions. This unique, self-supporting ceiling construction system eliminates the need for ceiling hanger systems or custom framing engineering. Capping channels are U-bolted to panels to simplify installation and, if needed, to ease rearrangement of the panels.