Wire Mesh Features / Benefits

ACORN originated the standards for wire mesh partitions - and we’ve only gotten better.

Strong: By incorporating resilient steel, all ACORN wire mesh partitions offer unsurpassed protection against break-ins and thefts in any environment. All hand-cast lock mechanisms are engineered and tested to withstand even sledgehammer assault.

Added design benefits include:

  • Formed “turned-in-toe” channel uprights to prevent telescoping and ensure permanent alignment.
  • Woven-in center channel for improved appearance and additional rigidity.
  • Adjustable floor sockets that permit level installation and secure anchorage.
  • Both sliding and hinged door styles are available for flexibility.

Secure: Wire mesh partitions from ACORN allow ample light in for security supervision against theft or intrusion. They also enable adequate airflow to prevent sensitive equipment from overheating.

Ease of Assembly: ACORN’s ceiling framing consists of a standardized system of specially designed and fabricated crimped beams that can satisfy most span and loading conditions. This unique, self-supporting ceiling construction system eliminates the need for ceiling hanger systems or custom framing engineering. Capping channels are U-bolted to panels to simplify installation and, if needed, to facilitate rearrangement of the panels.

Fast Assembly: All partition hardware is aluminum alloy, hand-poured in molds designed by ACORN, to provide thicker, cleaner parts engineered to specific performance requirements. This process not only enables faster assembly, but creates a truer, stronger partition.

Adaptable: Because all panels and door sections are interchangeable standardized units, they can be arranged in any desired combination. When your facility needs change, ACORN products can be reconfigured to your ideal specifications.

Durable: Made of high-strength steel and heavy-duty aluminum, products are available in tough, electrostatic sprayed enamel or galvanized finishes.

Environmentally-friendly: Wire mesh partitions are manufactured from 100% carbon neutral recycled steel and qualify for LEED points.

Guaranteed: Designed to last the life of the building, we guarantee our products against defective material and/or workmanship for a period of one year.