Folding Gates   

Red Bostwick folding gate in school corridor

Bostwick Folding Gates

Available with either FIXED or FOLDING Top & Bottom Tracks, Acorn Wire + Iron Works Bostwick Folding Gates offer an additional layer of security to entryways and locked doors. Security folding gates also benefit schools by controlling corridor traffic – when partially closed, gates limit main traffic; when fully expanded, gates create a sturdy blockade.

Bostwick Gates can be locked into place in both the stacked and extended positions for greater security control. All models are available in a wide range of standard heights to custom fit virtually any application.


  • Fixed or Folding Top + Bottom Tracks
  • Single Deep Cabinet
  • Single Shallow Cabinet
  • Double Deep Cabinet
  • Double Shallow Cabinet


  • Schools
  • Transportation Facilities: Rail, Air + Seaports
  • Post Offices
  • Military Bases
  • Government Facilities
  • Bonded warehouses
  • Retail + Shopping Malls
  • Co-Location Cages
  • Utilities
  • Public Infrastructure
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Dormitories
  • Libraries
  • Laboratories
  • Gymnasiums + Stadiums
  • Shipping + Loading Docks
Red Bostwick folding gate in school corridor
Product Code Type Surface Mount Shallow Deep Corridor Width
5766D Double X 38' max
5766S Single X 19' max
5765D Double X 38' max
5765S Single X 29' max
5744D Double X 8' to 38'
5744S Single X 5' to 20'

All standard gates are 3'6” to 12’ high

Product Code Type Surface Mount Shallow Deep Corridor Width
5743D Double X 25' max
5743S Single X 16' max
5761D Double X 25' max
5761S Single X 16' max
5762D Double X 25" max
5762S Single X 16' max

All standard gates are 7' to 7’6” high

Manufactured from 100% carbon neutral recycled steel, Acorn products qualify towards LEED credits. Please consult our Engineering department for LEED Data on your specific project.