Folding Gates   

Portable folding gates blocking aisle access in grocery store

Portable Folding Gates

Portable Folding Gates from Acorn Wire + Iron Works expand and lock to prevent access through any entry or passageway. Gates can also be used to prevent access to sensitive equipment, funnel crowd traffic and secure unused areas.

Available in a range of widths and crafted of heavy-duty steel, gates feature casters for easy portability. Multiple gates can be linked together for large span applications and when not in use, are easily stacked and stowed.


  • Hasp for Padlock or Cylinder Lock


  • Schools
  • Transportation Facilities: Rail, Air + Seaports
  • Post Offices
  • Military Bases
  • Government Facilities
  • Bonded warehouses
  • Retail + Shopping Malls
  • Co-Location Cages
  • Utilities
  • Public Infrastructure
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Dormitories
  • Libraries
  • Laboratories
  • Gymnasiums + Stadiums
  • Shipping + Loading Docks
Portable folding gates blocking aisle access in grocery store
Product Code Surface Mount Width
57P X 6' to 9'
57P X 7' to 12'
57P X 11' to 15'
57P X 13' to 18'
57P X 14' to 21'
57P X 14' to 24'

All standard gates are 6' 6.5” high

Manufactured from 100% carbon neutral recycled steel, Acorn products qualify towards LEED credits. Please consult our Engineering department for LEED Data on your specific project.